Preventative Maintenance + Service


Minimize downtime and maximize performance with comprehensive preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency response. Our industry-leading practices and advanced technologies proactively address any potential issue.

Our commitment to proactive maintenance goes beyond routine inspections. We utilize cutting-edge technologies like infrared thermography and vibration analysis to identify potential problems early, preventing costly equipment failures and ensuring your facilities operate at peak efficiency.

Proactive approach, preventing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Legence goes beyond reactive repairs, utilizing advanced technologies and industry-leading practices to proactively address potential issues before they disrupt operations.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs
Keep your facilities running smoothly and prolong equipment life with customized maintenance plans tailored to your unique needs.
Chiller + Boiler Services
Ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems with expert chiller and boiler maintenance and service.
MEP Equipment Replacement + Retrofit
Upgrade and modernize your critical building systems for improved efficiency and extended lifespan.
Energy Benchmarking
Track your energy use and identify savings opportunities through detailed benchmarking and analysis.
O+M Budgets
Proactively manage your facility operating and maintenance expenses with accurate budgeting and forecasting.
Plumbing Services
Maintain consistent water flow and prevent costly disruptions with our reliable plumbing maintenance and repair services.
Fire Protection Services
Safeguard your property and occupants with comprehensive fire protection system maintenance and testing.
Sustainable Building Practices
Legence is committed to fostering sustainable building practices through our preventative maintenance services. Our strategies minimize the need for extensive repairs, conserving natural resources and raw materials over the equipment's life cycle.
High-Quality Maintenance Strategy
We aim to develop a high-quality maintenance strategy that ensures sustainable development for our clients. By prioritizing the health of systems, we prolong equipment lifespan and reduce the overall carbon footprint of your facilities.
Energy-Efficient Solutions
As an Energy Transition Accelerator™, Legence emphasizes energy-efficient solutions in our preventative maintenance services. We proactively manage systems to optimize energy consumption, reducing emissions, and promoting clean energy investments.
Renewable Energy Integration
Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to support the integration of renewable energy. These strategies reduce reliance on fossil fuels and facilitate the shift towards sustainable buildings that significantly cut carbon emissions.
Waste Management and Reduction
Our preventative maintenance services are designed to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of your building operations. This approach aligns with our sustainability efforts to adopt environmentally responsible practices in maintenance and service.
Impact on Carbon Emissions
By implementing preventative maintenance, we help facilities reduce their carbon emissions. The International Energy Agency notes the importance of reducing emissions to combat climate change. Our maintenance practices ensure that buildings operate at peak efficiency, contributing to a healthier planet.
Case Studies

Legence's Sustainable Revolution: An Inside Look

George Washington University – Thurston Hall
Edina, MN
Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University Engineering & Interdisciplinary Science Center
San Diego, CA
John Lewis Elementary
Washington, D.C.

Empowering Sustainability Action: How Quality Data Leads to Tangible Success

With how rapidly the environmental landscape has evolved, the need for effective sustainability practices has never been greater. At the heart of these efforts lies the importance of quality data, data that is clean and integrated, which serves as a cornerstone for making informed decisions and driving impactful sustainability initiatives.

Green Building: A Strategic Investment for Climate Resilience

Green building is rapidly gaining traction as a strategic investment crucial for enhancing climate resilience. These buildings—including both new builds as well as retrofits—are designed to align with the core principles of sustainability, aiming to reduce environmental impact while promoting healthier, more viable communities.

Ensure seamless functionality and building optimization through a single trusted source.

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