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At the forefront of the MEP industry, our team of over 1,000 specialized engineers is driven by a singular focus: crafting innovative solutions that redefine building performance.

From pioneering new methods of measuring indoor air quality to creating custom energy dashboards, their ingenuity knows no bounds. Through a proven process that seeks the smartest answer to every challenge, our engineers push the boundaries of possibility. We invent groundbreaking products, set national standards, and reshape deeply-held beliefs about what's achievable in sustainable building design.

Pioneering innovation, shaping the future.

From groundbreaking products to custom energy dashboards, our innovative engineering unlocks previously unimaginable possibilities for sustainable, high-performance spaces.

Zero Energy Engineering
Design buildings that produce as much energy as they consume, minimizing your environmental impact.
Decarbonization Consulting
Develop strategies and solutions to reduce your building's carbon footprint and emissions.
Mechanical Engineering
Design and optimize mechanical systems for efficient and sustainable operation.
Electrical Engineering
Design and implement safe, reliable, and energy-efficient electrical systems for your building.
Plumbing Engineering
Design and integrate efficient and sustainable plumbing systems that meet all relevant regulations.
Fire Protection Engineering
Design and implement comprehensive fire protection systems for building safety and code compliance.
Technology + Security Design
Integrate secure and innovative technology solutions for your building's needs.
Lighting Design
Optimize lighting systems for energy efficiency, visual comfort, and aesthetics.
Commissioning + Recommissioning
Ensure building systems perform as designed, optimizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort, while supporting sustainability management tools for continuous improvement in sustainability performance.
Improve the performance of existing buildings through strategic adjustments and upgrades.
Case Studies

Legence's Sustainable Revolution: An Inside Look

George Washington University – Thurston Hall
Edina, MN
Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University Engineering & Interdisciplinary Science Center
San Diego, CA
John Lewis Elementary
Washington, D.C.

Efficiency Unleashed: A Case Study on the Impact of Automated Commissioning

We are all familiar with the phrase, “What a difference a day can make,” but in the case of Scripps Health’s Memorial Hospital La Jolla Campus, it’s “What a difference a decade can make” in terms of its commissioning approach. The contrast between traditional commissioning methods applied during the design and construction of Tower I, which opened in 2015, versus the utilization of automated commissioning technology for Tower II, currently under construction, is stark and exciting.

Timeline of Sustainability

RE Tech Advisors
Explore the evolution of sustainability in the built environment with this Timeline of Sustainability.

Ensure your space is future-proofed, high-performing, and environmentally responsible.

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