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Energy Solutions is perfect for our clients who want to upgrade their facilities without impacting their budgets.

We have deep experience as a design-build partner for high-performance and net zero energy structures, rethinking efficiency, technology, and infrastructure for cutting-edge projects. We don't just build; we build for the future. Energy Solutions offers a strategic pathway to optimize energy performance and enhance building performance for the long term. By focusing on reducing operating costs and implementing energy conservation measures (ECMs), we help our clients achieve significant energy cost savings. Our approach includes refining energy systems and optimizing heating and cooling efficiency, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations in energy efficiency and sustainability. Through these targeted efforts, we empower our clients to implement smart, cost-effective solutions that contribute to a sustainable future without compromising on building performance.

Transforming facilities, without impacting finances.

Upgrade your facilities with guaranteed performance outcomes, improved efficiency, and a sustainable future.

High Performance + Net Zero Design
Build efficient and sustainable structures by leveraging our expertise in high-performance and net-zero design. Our designs incorporate renewable energy sources and energy modeling techniques to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency, aligning with the goals of state and local governments and private sectors aiming for sustainability.
Energy + Deep Building Retrofits
Improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of existing buildings through targeted retrofits and upgrades. By conducting thorough energy audits and applying energy conservation measures (ECMs), we help reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency in mechanical systems, guided by the expertise of our energy service company (ESCO).
Building Automation Controls
Implement smart building controls to optimize energy use and occupant comfort in your buildings. Integrating advanced building automation systems allows for precise control over heating, cooling, and lighting systems, contributing to significant energy management improvements and operational cost savings.
Energy Savings Performance Contracts
Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint through guaranteed performance contracts with shared savings. Our approach focuses on partnering with state and local governments and private entities to finance improvements through energy cost savings, utilizing renewable energy and optimizing mechanical systems for peak performance.
Commissioning + Building Optimization
Ensure buildings operate at peak performance and efficiency through expert commissioning and ongoing optimization. Through detailed energy modeling and the implementation of energy-efficient mechanical and automation systems, our commissioning process verifies that all components are designed, installed, tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform efficiently.
Design-Build Infrastructure Renovations
Upgrade and replace roofing, windows, HVAC, and electrical systems with guaranteed energy performance levels.
Case Studies

Legence's Sustainable Revolution: An Inside Look

George Washington University – Thurston Hall
Edina, MN
Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University Engineering & Interdisciplinary Science Center
San Diego, CA
John Lewis Elementary
Washington, D.C.

Empowering Sustainability Action: How Quality Data Leads to Tangible Success

With how rapidly the environmental landscape has evolved, the need for effective sustainability practices has never been greater. At the heart of these efforts lies the importance of quality data, data that is clean and integrated, which serves as a cornerstone for making informed decisions and driving impactful sustainability initiatives.

Green Building: A Strategic Investment for Climate Resilience

Green building is rapidly gaining traction as a strategic investment crucial for enhancing climate resilience. These buildings—including both new builds as well as retrofits—are designed to align with the core principles of sustainability, aiming to reduce environmental impact while promoting healthier, more viable communities.

Upgrade your facilities in a budget-neutral way with renovations that pay for themselves.

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