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Legence is an industry leading full-service fabricator, supplying high-quality, customized systems to our clients.

Our unmatched fabrication capabilities cover a wide range of designs, sizes, and material grades designed to meet any variation of project specifications. Legence’s state-of-the-art machinery and advanced fabrication software, paired with our expert designers and technicians ensures quality and reliability like no other company. Legence specializes in the design and fabrication of process systems for a wide range of industries. We commit to supplying practical, proven designs with long-term success.

Custom solutions, optimizing your systems.

We deliver high-quality custom fabrication and intelligent control systems integration, unlocking the full potential of your facilities for exceptional performance and operational excellence.

Validated Turn-Key Process Systems
We design, build, and validate complete process systems exceeding your quality and operational requirements.
High Purity Chemical Processing Systems
Handle even the most sensitive chemicals with confidence using our expertise in high-purity system design and fabrication.
Water + Wastewater Treatment Systems
Ensure responsible water management with custom-designed water and wastewater treatment solutions.
Electrical and Control Panel Design + Fabrication
Integrate reliable and efficient electrical and control panels tailored to your specific needs.
Sheet Metal + Plumbing Fabrication
Craft high-quality sheet metal and plumbing components for industrial, architectural, and historical applications.
Historical Restorations, Sculptures, + Monuments
Breathe new life into historical structures and create lasting legacies with expert restoration and fabrication services.
Case Studies

Legence's Sustainable Revolution: An Inside Look

George Washington University – Thurston Hall
Edina, MN
Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University Engineering & Interdisciplinary Science Center
San Diego, CA
John Lewis Elementary
Washington, D.C.

Empowering Sustainability Action: How Quality Data Leads to Tangible Success

With how rapidly the environmental landscape has evolved, the need for effective sustainability practices has never been greater. At the heart of these efforts lies the importance of quality data, data that is clean and integrated, which serves as a cornerstone for making informed decisions and driving impactful sustainability initiatives.

Green Building: A Strategic Investment for Climate Resilience

Green building is rapidly gaining traction as a strategic investment crucial for enhancing climate resilience. These buildings—including both new builds as well as retrofits—are designed to align with the core principles of sustainability, aiming to reduce environmental impact while promoting healthier, more viable communities.

Experience a higher level of design standards with custom metal work from advanced metal fabrication shops and more efficiency with turnkey process systems and controls..

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