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Key Points
  • Legence is introducing a new brand that brings together an integrated, experienced legion of companies committed to making the spaces that shape our lives more sustainable, healthy, and efficient
  • New acquisitions solidify company’s leadership position across the entire value chain of procurement of renewable energy
  • The built environment contributes almost 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; Legence helps entities with large portfolios of buildings manage efficiency consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and save operating costs
  • As an Energy Transition Accelerator, Legence is a category of one which demonstrates measurable impact on GHGs and cost-savings with its holistic, accelerated services

Legence Introduces New Brand and Announces Two Acquisitions

Legence Introduces New Brand and Announces Two Acquisitions, Further Accelerating Efficiency, Carbon Reduction Across the Built Environment

With decades of experience in complex building systems, Legence solidifies its category-defining position as an Energy Transition Accelerator™

Legence (formerly Therma Holdings, LLC.) has assembled and integrated an experienced legion of best-in-class companies committed to making the spaces that shape our lives more sustainable. Today, it is introducing a new brand and announcing agreements for two new acquisitions – Provident Energy Consulting and McCracken & Woodman – that further expand the powerhouse of energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and cost-saving services already under one roof. The two acquisitions solidify Legence’s leadership position in the procurement of renewable energy, and add to the company’s unmatched suite of design and implementation offerings for energy efficiency and decarbonization projects in the built environment.

The built environment contributes to almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the industry is at a critical crossroads. Legence provides integrated efficiency solutions to the built environment, focusing on designing, building and servicing complex systems in mission-critical facilities, including healthcare, schools, data centers, biopharma, high tech manufacturing, commercial real estate, and government buildings. With more than five decades of industry expertise, Legence has a proven track record of reducing carbon emissions, implementing renewables, lowering utility costs through increased efficiency, and making critical building systems run better – all at unmatched speed and scale.

Most major U.S. cities now require commercial and multifamily buildings to benchmark and report their energy and water consumption, and meet increasingly aggressive efficiency and decarbonization requirements. “The built environment is one of the largest GHG emitters, and the nation is behind schedule in reducing emissions at the level needed to meet the urgency of the climate crisis,” said Jeff Sprau, CEO of Legence. “The pressure is on public and private building owners to implement solutions that not only minimize environmental impact, but embrace the concept of efficiency consumption. As an energy transition accelerator, the first of its kind, Legence presents a new vision for the future of buildings and energy by compressing the time it takes to reach desired sustainability outcomes.”

Energy Transition Accelerator

Legence’s collective 200 year track record of ingenuity, innovation and leadership in brands like Therma, RE Tech Advisors, CMTA and ICS, works in lockstep from design and build to ongoing maintenance and reporting, eliminating inefficiencies and errors often caused by handoffs. The result: cost savings, healthier, and better performing buildings, all delivered in a compressed timeline. The most recent acquisitions take it to yet another level, allowing them to better assist clients in managing overall energy spend while reaching carbon reduction goals.

Through its portfolio of businesses, Legence has:

  • Engineered 1000+ energy efficient and/or net zero K-12 schools
  • Turned the Boston Medical Center into a zero-energy campus
  • Designed and built the Stanford Business School’s 8 building complex, the first LEED Platinum certified project on the west coast
  • Created more than 9 million square feet of net zero buildings
  • Built and designed more than 256 LEED projects

With the acquisition of Provident Energy Consulting, a leading provider of energy procurement/energy budgeting services and infrastructure improvement projects, Provident will continue to support the existing supply side commodity services business while also leveraging capabilities in the execution of demand side energy management. This combined expertise will further expand Legence’s ability to offer Energy-as-a-Service and asset ownership, allowing them to better assist customers to manage overall energy spend while lowering their carbon footprint.

“There’s a practicality to our approach, rooted in domain expertise. We work with over a trillion dollars of assets under management in the commercial real estate space,” says Deb Cloutier, Chief Sustainability Officer at Legence and president, RE Tech Advisors. “We help owners and investors improve the financial and environmental performance of their portfolios, guiding decarbonization strategies across thousands of buildings.”

About Legence
As an Energy TransitionAccelerator™, Legence transforms buildings to pave the way for a sustainable future — faster. Legence is North America’s leading, integrated provider of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions for the built environment. Legence improves the performance of buildings, making the spaces that shape our lives healthier and more sustainable. We specialize in helping clients decrease operating costs, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance occupant well-being and productivity. From advisory services and design to construction and ongoing maintenance, we offer a comprehensive suite of Stackable Solutions™ across the entire building lifecycle. With over a century of experience, we have the expertise to implement high-performing projects with unmatched outcomes, serving industry leaders in mission-critical and essential sectors such as data centers, semiconductors, life sciences, healthcare, education, and more. To learn more about Legence and its services, visit

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