Key Points

Building a Sustainable Future, Faster

From Innovation to Implementation, Legence Accelerates the Transformation of the Built Environment

Climate change, resource demands, stakeholder requirements, and policy changes are driving a global energy shift towards energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. This transition, however, faces a critical hurdle: the built environment. Modernizing existing buildings which are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, is complex, expensive, and slow, hindered by siloed industry practices.

Legence's diverse family of companies consolidates fragmented capabilities across the value chain. Each company was carefully selected for its unique expertise and decades of industry experience optimizing the performance of buildings, making them healthier, energy efficient, and more sustainable by:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Lowering utility and operating costs
  • Enhancing occupant well-being and productivity
  • Building more resilient systems

United as Legence, we are a formidable force for large-scale positive impact. Our culture-first approach promotes knowledge sharing and sparks of genius that the climate crisis demands. Our culture of collaboration enables our 5,000+ craftspeople, energy efficiency engineers, and sustainability experts to leverage diverse skills and expertise from across the company to accelerate our clients' progress to high-performance sustainable buildings.

So, what does it all mean?

At Legence, we have the expertise and scale to accelerate the transformation of the built environment from being a major contributor of carbon emissions to becoming a central solution to the climate crisis. Our collaborative interdisciplinary approach positions Legence as the leading integrated provider of advisory, engineering, contracting, and maintenance services throughout the entire building lifecycle. We believe every building has the potential to be part of the solution, and we are committed to helping our clients unlock that potential.

Our trademark, Energy Transition Accelerator, perfectly captures our collective capability, as a legion of companies, to help our clients achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals faster and more effectively than ever before.

Together, We Are Legence.

Together, We Are An Energy Transition Accelerator.

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Our Impact

Taking action for meaningful progress.

We are laying the groundwork to bring our legion of companies to a prescribed level of excellence so we can work in tandem to build efficiency into our operations and the built environment.
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