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10 Things to Know About Legence

Learn about the world's first Energy Transition Accelerator

1 - Fully integrated and holistic solutions

With more than five decades of experience, Legence offers unrivaled breadth and depth of service to decarbonize built environments, covering every single step — from financing, design, construction, servicing, and maintenance — along the development or retrofit pathway.

As the world’s first Energy Transition Accelerator™, Legence has industry-leading expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering (MEP), in addition to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), system controls, fabrication processes, fire protection services, building information modeling, and renewable energy procurement. This holistic approach enables Legence to service built environments across their entire lifespans, simplifying decarbonization for mission-critical and high-performance commercial and industrial facilities.

2 - Your partner for energy efficiency in existing buildings

With ongoing operations and maintenance accounting for two-thirds of carbon emissions in the built environment, the demand for enhanced consumption efficiency through retrofits has never been so robust. Legence offers trusted solutions that can redefine any existing space into a new, healthier, and more sustainable built environment.

Legence companies, including RE Tech Advisors, CMTA, Therma and ICS, are seasoned experts in identifying, diagnosing, and implementing high-performance strategies for existing facilities to redefine efficiency and comfort in the built environment.

3 - Cost savings for sustainable outcomes

To produce sustainable buildings that generate long-term value, all of the different parts of an upgrade plan have to work in tandem. As a “one-stop shop” for decarbonization of the built environment, Legence minimizes complexity for the most efficient approach. Piecemealing building upgrades increases the likelihood of redundant work while driving up costs and slowing down progress. As the trusted entity that can do it all, Legence bucks industry-standard fragmentation to deliver truly exceptional — and holistic — results in every aspect of the built environment.

4 - Unmatched speed and scale

When it comes to sustainability in today’s quickly-evolving world, time is of the essence. Buildings that haven’t implemented energy efficiency are already falling behind and facing growing pressure to reduce environmental impact. The wide number of services at Legence’s disposal enables it to handle large, scaled-up projects with reliability and at record speed.

Upgrading built environments sooner rather than later is therefore critical to remaining competitive — and is exactly what Legence offers through its industry-best project timelines.

5 - A guide worth following to leverage government incentives

With companies now able to take advantage of generous government incentives — like the Inflation Reduction Act — to increase the ROI of sustainable building upgrades, Legence’s vast body of professional environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expertise enables it to seamlessly guide teams through complex regulatory and policy environments, making it easier to curb the significant costs associated with upgrades.

As a long-term partner, Legence is also positioned to act as an ongoing resource for companies, helping them adapt as new policies that impact the built environment emerge.

6 - Nationwide footprint

Backed by Blackstone — a leading global investment business — Legence has an extensive footprint, with more than 50 offices across the U.S. The company’s diversified geography allows Legence’s 3500+ member team to service a variety of markets, acquire the highest quality talent, and build a robust pipeline to execute on growth opportunities.

As an integrated service provider for built environments, Legence combines engineering and design innovations, talents, skills, and processes found across the country to form a cohesive and dependable whole.

7 - Proven track record

Legence’s foundation is built on industry-leading expertise across a range of engineering and construction companies dating back to 1963. Its well-established track record of delivering decarbonization solutions quickly and cost-effectively has made it the go-to service provider for upgrading the built environment.

Legence’s companies have completed over $5 billion worth of energy and infrastructure projects. As an ESG advisor, Legence is maximizing the efficiency of more than 1 billion square feet across 5,000+ buildings and has designed 10 million square feet of net-zero building environments, implementing more than 100 MW of renewable energy generation.

Legence companies have also engineered more than 1000+ energy efficient and net-zero schools and developed 256 LEED projects, in addition to turning the Boston Medical Center and Stanford Business School’s complex into zero-energy complexes.

8 - Experienced team

With more than 200 years of combined engineering, design, and consulting experience ranging across healthcare, education, technology, government, defense, fabrication, HVAC, infrastructure, energy procurement, and other sectors, Legence is underpinned by its best-in-class professionals and breadth of expertise.

Legence’s five-decade-long history of reducing emissions through renewables, consumption efficiency improvements and other efficiency solutions enables it to optimize systems performance at unmatched speed, scale, and affordability.

9 - Mission-driven to create healthier buildings for healthier people

Decarbonization isn’t just a mandate — it’s an opportunity for companies in the built environment to take their assets to the next level, improving their experience for all. As an ESG and decarbonization pioneer, Legence is fully committed to doing its part to create a healthier, more sustainable, and more prosperous world for everyone. That starts with optimizing the spaces that we exist in every day.

By maximizing efficiency consumption, Legence is tackling the 40% of global carbon emissions that reside in the built environment, in addition to radically improving buildings’ day-to-day performance, bettering long-term health outcomes, and decreasing their long-term costs.

10 - Committed Partners

By building long-lasting relationships that foster a deep understanding of clients’ organizational intricacies, Legence provides personalized, best-in-class services that deliver on net-zero demands.

Having a consistent, reliable, and flexible partner to see sustainable building upgrades through from ideation to execution is paramount to maximizing ROI. No matter the project scope or size, Legence rises to the challenge of delivering exceptional results.

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