Key Points

Efficiency Unleashed: A Case Study on the Impact of Automated Commissioning

We are all familiar with the phrase, “What a difference a day can make,” but in the case of Scripps Health’s Memorial Hospital La Jolla Campus, it’s “What a difference a decade can make” in terms of its commissioning approach. The contrast between traditional commissioning methods applied during the design and construction of Tower I, which opened in 2015, versus the utilization of automated commissioning technology for Tower II, currently under construction, is stark and exciting.

Automating the process not only translates to significant cost savings and schedule efficiencies for the owner but also ensures greater accuracy on behalf of the commissioning authority in verifying the proper operation of commissioned systems. In addition, it establishes the framework for continuous commissioning of the building to optimize the functionality of complex systems, contributing to improved operational reliability and resource utilization in the decades to come.

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